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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Megavision Pictures Limited
and the rise of the Bahamas Film Industry

The Megavision Network Films is an in-house production label, that provides a wide variety of original programs, exclusively for first run, on The Megavision Network. Working with some of the world’s greatest professionals, The Megavision Network operates 10 high powered advanced media channels. Themes range from: Original Movie, Storytime/Animation, Lifestyle/Fashion, Travel/Real Estate, Sports/Entertainment, All Music/Dance, Belief/Confessions, Science/Technology, Health/Nutrition, Finance/Investments as well as Politics/Legal Trends.

The Megavision Network Films is committed to bringing to the forefront, the people and projects that are working in a sincere effort to improve the quality of life for others, whether it be in work, play, business or relationships.

Disclaimer: The views or statements expressed in the programs of The Megavision Network are not necessarily the views or opinions of The Megavision Network, its management, staff, partners, owners, agents or assigned. Opinions expressed are solely that of the individuals participating in the program or event. All opinions or advice given in the programs on The Megavion Network does not constitute an endorsement of any person, product or service. All programming on The Megavision Network is intended purely for entertainment purposes only and should not be the bases for making any decisions.